Bangkok Bucket List: Canals

Bangkok canals

Bangkok used to be known as the “Venice of the East” because of all its canals.  Before there were roads, there were many canals dug for transportation.  Since cars have come along, many of the canals have been filled in.  However, there are still quite a few in use today.  The canal system is a big part of this city’s history and it was exciting to finally get the chance to check it out.  We checked this one off the list with the help of a couple of our Thai friends and some friends here for a visit.Bangkok canals

We hired a long tail boat (and driver) to take us around for a few hours.Bangkok canals

We started off by getting drenched in a downpour!Bangkok canals

We stopped to see a temple and have lunch.

Bangkok canals

This boat went FAST!Bangkok canals

A glimpse of a different kind of life. Bangkok canals Bangkok canals Bangkok canals


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