Bangkok Bucket List: Animal Edition

We had a couple of animal related activities on our bucket list and got to cross them both off in the last few weeks.

When I was around 12 years old, I got my very first camera.  I think it was a part ownership with my sister.  Anyway, the first place I tried it out was at the zoo.  I was so excited and took a whole roll of pictures of animals.  Let’s just say that I learned after receiving my prints, that dozens of snapshots of just animals aren’t so exciting.  All that to say, there aren’t very many pictures of these two outings, but we had a lot of fun.Bangkok Safari World

First we went to Safari World, a drive-through animal park.  We took our time and enjoyed an hour of seeing giraffes, zebras, hippos, and more.  We even got to watch the morning feeding of the lions and tigers out of a caged truck.  We were only disappointed that there were no elephants in the drive through area.  Especially since Elise was saying “ehphants… ehphants” the whole ride.

Bangkok Safari World Bangkok Safari World

Then, most recently, we got to visit Ocean World, the large aquarium that’s in the basement of one of the largest malls downtown.  It was nicely done!  Once we learned how to navigate the large groups of students on field trips and other tour groups, we enjoyed seeing the sea life.

Bangkok Ocean world Bangkok Ocean world Bangkok Ocean world

For some people, the fish weren’t the only attraction!


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