Bangkok Bucket List: Chinatown

Ever since I heard about the Chinatown in Bangkok, which is said to be the largest in the world, I’ve wanted to go see it.  I finally got to go this weekend with three good friends, while Ryan stayed home with the girls.  They said it was best to experience it by night, so that’s what we did.  It really was a thrilling experience.  Probably just being out past 7pm would have been thrilling enough.  But, seeing the city at night… the lights, the crowds, the aromas of every kind of street food, was awesome!  I was told that during the day, it’s the hot spot for wholesale shopping, but at night, it’s all about the food. It took us a while to get there, thanks to another thing this city is known for, traffic. After running into a few detours, we finally made it close enough to park and walk.

Bangkok Chinatown

Bangkok ChinatownBangkok Chinatown

Then we found a particular little restaurant down one alley that my friends knew of and waited until a table cleared.  It was street food at it’s best.
Bangkok Chinatown
The “restaurant” was run out of a cart parked on one side of the alley.  There were various people taking orders, signaling the next people in line when a table opened up, and serving food to the tables lining both sides of the alley.  Taxis, tuk-tuks and other vehicles drove through the alley while customers enjoyed the food just inches away.
Bangkok Chinatown
We didn’t get to eat dinner until after 8pm, but the wait was worth it.  The food was delicious.  We sampled almost everything: oyster omelets,  mixed seafood noodles and other sizzling hot plates.
Bangkok ChinatownBangkok Chinatown
Full and content, we continued our walk down the busy road.  Next up: dessert.
Bangkok Chinatown
Dessert was a sweet milk with cantaloupe scoops and gummy tapioca pearls.
Bangkok Chinatown
Before heading out to see more of the city at night, I stopped to buy Ryan some freshly roasted chestnuts.
Bangkok Chinatown
It was such a fun night with my friends.  I hope we get to go back soon and take Ryan along, too!

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