Websites that Work for you

building a website that works for you by Ryan Crossett

I recently helped redo our company’s website.  I say “helped” because I found someone much more experienced than I am to do most of the work.  We cleaned up what had been a pretty cluttered site and made easier to navigate.

It may be difficult to know where to start with your company’s website.  Your website should work for you.  The time, energy and money you put into it should produce the results you are looking for.  Know what you want your website to do for you and build it off of that.

There are so many articles about what makes a good website.  The website building site, Yola put together a great article that gives very simple and practical steps to creating a good site.  I like simple and practical.

Here are Yola’s tips:

1. Strong and clear message

Your website is your best chance to make a lasting impression to your customers. What is the first thing visitors see when they come to your website? Do they understand your site’s purpose?

2. Easy navigation

Another important feature of a good website is navigation. Many website owners fail to include well-structured pages or clear navigation tabs that lead visitors to relevant sections of their website.

3. Content and more content

The main function of your website is to convey relevant content to your visitors and help them understand the problems that your products and/or services solve. Your content is the single most important element in increasing customers. Make sure that the content you add to your site is displayed in a  simple and clear manner.

4. Community

Building a community for your business is one of the best investments you can make. It’s crucial to establish an online presence. Start with the networks you know and are active on – the most common being Facebook and Twitter.  In addition to your social networking profiles, creating and maintaining a blog is one of the most effective ways to build community and a great way to increase content.

Check out Yola’s full article here.

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