IMG_3043 copyBefore I got into sales I had no idea how much I would enjoy it.  I had thought that it would be stressful to try and sell a product, but it turned out to be an exciting challenge.  As I gained confidence I began to figure out what was important and universal to selling a product.

Here is what I learned.

1. Get in contact with a customer

People can’t purchase your product if they don’t know about it.  That sounds pretty obvious, but it is the basic problem that advertising and marketing tries to address.  I ask myself questions like, “Where are my potential customers?  How can I make them aware of my product?  How can I get into a conversation with them about my product?”  Putting yourself in their shoes will help you develop your marketing strategy.

2.  Know your product

There’s no point in talking to a potential customer if you don’t know what you’re talking about.  When you are confident in your product and in pitching it to customers, it gives them confidence.  Not only is it embarrassing to not know your product, but the lack of personal confidence will hijack the sale from the start.  Knowing your product is a controllable variable in the sale and there should be no excuse for not knowing it or not knowing the answers to questions about it.  Your confidence in the product will rub off on your customer as well as allow yourself to focus on your customer.

3. Know your customer

It is important to get to know your customer before you try to fit them with your product.  When you get to know your customer you are building a connection with them.  When you find out what their interests and needs are you can tailor your pitch to fit them.  You can mention the aspects of your product that will resonate with them.  In learning about your customer you may discover that your product is not a fit for them and can keep from wasting time trying to sell to them.  I find that when I am open and personable with customers they are more likely to consider buying and I am more likely to enjoy my job.

4. Ask for a decision

By the end of your time with a potential customer you have created a story with them.  You have connected your product to them.  You have described how your product fits their unique interests or needs.  After recapping this story with them, give them the opportunity to make a decision.


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