Ryan and Melissa CrossettRYAN & MELISSA CROSSETT

We met in college and got married shortly after.  We decided that the average American life was not for us.  So, we packed up and moved to Asia to begin a life of adventure.  We wanted to spend our lives giving back instead of trying to get ahead.  So far, it’s been a wild ride.  We’ve spent countless hours on airplanes, learned a couple languages, made some cultural mistakes, eaten a lot of delicious food, gotten to know some dear people, and made some awesome memories.  We can’t wait to see what’s next!



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Since living in Asia I’ve mainly worked with community development and aid organizations, through which I’ve been able to see some pretty amazing things. Besides being involved in helping communities with sustainable development, I like good coffee and trying out different coffee shops.  I would also describe myself as a “foodie.”  I love cooking, eating and learning about food.  Asia is a great place to enjoy a passion for food.


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Though our career path has had its challenges, I’m so glad I’ve gotten to experience so much of the world in the last few years.  I love that I’m able to give our kids a different view of life than the typical American.  I really enjoy being involved in helping people develop skills that improve their overall quality of life.  I’m a trained nurse and am passionate about pursuing a healthy lifestyle using real food, fitness, and natural remedies.  I blog about life, health and raising a family abroad at thelandinbetween.com