Ryan Crossett as facilities improvement innovator

DIY Standing Desk

DIY standing desk by Ryan Crossett

Ryan put his handy skills to work building a standing desk for me.  It has eased my back pain as well as seems to keep me more alert.  Read all the details at thelandinbetween.com.diy standing desk


Toolkit Essentials

toolkit essentials by Ryan Crossett

My dad worked in home improvement, so he was always well-stocked with tools.  I got a little spoiled growing up always having the right tool handy.  Working in Asia, I don’t have that luxury.  I’ve had to limit my toolkit to the essentials.  A few years ago, I bought myself the Bucket Boss 16 inch Gatemouth tool bag.  I decided to try to limit myself to what I could fit in the bag. So here’s the list of my essentials:

  •  cordless drill and bits
  • hammer
  • screwdriver set
  • vice grips
  • socket set
  • tape measure
  • needle nose pliers
  • torpedo level
  • square
  • chisel set
  • hack saw
  • hand saw
  • quick grip clamps

I’m happy to recommend particular models or brands if you’re interested.

Pizza oven door

Ryan Crossett builds a pizza oven door


One challenge with getting things done in a new place is figuring out what materials are available, then making do with what you find.  The plywood pizza oven door at the restaurant kept burning through so my project was to make a new one before people have to start going without pizza.  I have a small toolkit with me and thankfully the company also had a few power tools that I could use.

Ryan Crossett builds a pizza oven door

The door turned out pretty good.  It at least looks nicer than the plywood one.  Hopefully it holds up longer too.  I learned a couple things in the process:

1. Wear gloves when working with sheet metal

2. Don’t buy Chinese screws

3. If you want to  bend a piece of steel and drill holes in it do it in that order – bend, then drill.

Ryan Crossett builds a pizza oven door