Ryan Crossett as staff development coach

Teaching Job-Related English

teaching job related English by Melissa Crossett

Months ago, Ryan Crossett developed an English curriculum for the staff.  Twice a week, I, Melissa, have been involved in helping teach that curriculum.  I enjoy working with each of the staff members and watching them progress.  Some have moved through it very quickly, while others have needed encouragement that they are capable of learning new things.  It’s fun to cheer them on and help give them the confidence they need to learn English.


English is Fun for Teachers

English for Bangkok school teachers

With the ASEAN economic community opening up in the next couple of years, everyone is really feeling the need to focus on their English skills.  While large companies have the resources to hire quality professional services, other groups, like public schools, do not.  Setting up English classes for groups like these with qualified native speaking teachers really fills an urgent need that they have. (more…)

Government English Class

We just finished teaching a two month conversational English class for a government department in Bangkok.  With some of the changes coming to SE Asia through ASEAN, it’s becoming more important for people to learn English.  I developed lessons based on the specific needs of this government department.  Hopefully they gained not only some practical English skills, but also some confidence in using it.  We had a lot of fun together, as you can see from the pictures below, and from the feedback we got, I think the class was very successful.

Thai government English class