Making your business legit

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“Making your business legit is pretty simple:  just do what you say you do and don’t exaggerate.” -Ryan Crossett

I talked a little bit about this in my post about handling customer complaints.  I know that this seems like a pretty simple principle, but I’ve seen many, even seemingly decent people exaggerate the things that their company does to get customers. It’s fine to talk up your company and how awesome you are as long as you are actually doing those awesome things.

I love companies that are socially responsible and are making a real positive impact on their community.  That’s a win-win situation.  But, now that social responsibility is becoming all the rage, companies are using it as an advertising gimmick.  Be real with what your business does – and do cool stuff!

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Handling Customer Complaints

handling customer complaints by Ryan Crossett

Handling customer complaints is one of the most stressful parts of any job. People can get pretty charged up when they don’t get the service or product they expected. Potential complaints can be avoided by setting clear expectations for your customer.  Don’t oversell your product, just be realistic, but do over-deliver.

When a customer has a complaint, valid or not, it’s best to hear him or her out and empathize with him.  (more…)

Pizza oven door

Ryan Crossett builds a pizza oven door


One challenge with getting things done in a new place is figuring out what materials are available, then making do with what you find.  The plywood pizza oven door at the restaurant kept burning through so my project was to make a new one before people have to start going without pizza.  I have a small toolkit with me and thankfully the company also had a few power tools that I could use.

Ryan Crossett builds a pizza oven door

The door turned out pretty good.  It at least looks nicer than the plywood one.  Hopefully it holds up longer too.  I learned a couple things in the process:

1. Wear gloves when working with sheet metal

2. Don’t buy Chinese screws

3. If you want to  bend a piece of steel and drill holes in it do it in that order – bend, then drill.

Ryan Crossett builds a pizza oven door

English is Fun for Teachers

English for Bangkok school teachers

With the ASEAN economic community opening up in the next couple of years, everyone is really feeling the need to focus on their English skills.  While large companies have the resources to hire quality professional services, other groups, like public schools, do not.  Setting up English classes for groups like these with qualified native speaking teachers really fills an urgent need that they have. (more…)

Bangkok Bucket List: Chinatown

Ever since I heard about the Chinatown in Bangkok, which is said to be the largest in the world, I’ve wanted to go see it.  I finally got to go this weekend with three good friends, while Ryan stayed home with the girls.  They said it was best to experience it by night, so that’s what we did.  It really was a thrilling experience.  Probably just being out past 7pm would have been thrilling enough.  But, seeing the city at night… the lights, the crowds, the aromas of every kind of street food, was awesome!  I was told that during the day, it’s the hot spot for wholesale shopping, but at night, it’s all about the food. It took us a while to get there, thanks to another thing this city is known for, traffic. After running into a few detours, we finally made it close enough to park and walk.

Bangkok Chinatown


Flavor Explosion

Thai snack miang kham

We were recently introduced to this snack called Miang Kham, “a leaf-wrapped bite.”  I’ve tried each of the ingredients in this “bite” separately and wasn’t expecting any surprises.  When I bit into my first “bite” I was shocked at the flavors.  It is such a simple thing, but so good.  Local food is known to be delicious because of the complexity of flavor.  This bite is the perfect example of that.  It takes pretty much every flavor you can think of and packs it into one leafy bite.  (more…)

Bangkok Bucket List: Animal Edition

We had a couple of animal related activities on our bucket list and got to cross them both off in the last few weeks.

When I was around 12 years old, I got my very first camera.  I think it was a part ownership with my sister.  Anyway, the first place I tried it out was at the zoo.  I was so excited and took a whole roll of pictures of animals.  Let’s just say that I learned after receiving my prints, that dozens of snapshots of just animals aren’t so exciting.  All that to say, there aren’t very many pictures of these two outings, but we had a lot of fun.Bangkok Safari World


Our New Thing

A few months ago, a popular weekend market moved from another area and set up in our backyard.  Once we finally checked it out, we’ve made it a point to walk over there almost every weekend.  It’s become a weekly highlight for our family.  It’s just too bad the market wasn’t here sooner or we could have had much more time to get to know the vendors.

Our market routine goes something like this: strap Elise in the stroller and head out walking around 5pm.  When we get there, we graze through the food section for a bit of a snacking dinner.Bangkok weekend market


Ryan and Melissa Crossett Pursue New Work in Asia

During our time living and working in Bangkok, we have been expanding our professional portfolio through taking on a variety of projects related to community development. We have begun looking beyond Bangkok for the right kind of employment that majors on sustainable development.  We are aware that the Southeast Asian economy is on the rise, but there are still some real needs for development in these countries. We see some promising employment opportunities and expect to make a commitment to one of those in the next few months.

To read the entire Ryan and Melissa Crossett Press Release, click here.